Olivia has always been interested in art and design and being creative from an early age. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Olivia grew up in Wigan, United Kingdom. She studied Art Foundation at Winstanley College and was awarded with a distinction in 2004.  She later went to study for a degree in Three Dimensional Design at the University of Brighton.  

Her work is about creating unique objects that have a sense of intrigue, which are inspired by popular culture, the environment around her, and finding interesting ways of using materials.  

Her interests lie in the concept of being able to reuse objects, as some objects take on other more interesting uses that become diverse from their original function. She looks to create products that do not follow trends in fashion, which instead have a timeless appreciation to them.

product designer

Hard/Squishy Bench
Hard/Squishy Bench at first sight has the appearance of having a solid seat.  When it is sat in, the surface sinks in, having an unexpected experience of a springy and squishy seat, creating a fun, playful and unique bench.

Hailsham and Offranville Stations:Station Reflexology Path
This was a live project which involved re-designing an old train station into a stop for people using the Avenue Verte (a cycle path that ran through Hailsham, United Kingdom and Offranville, France) and also for the locals.  It was very peaceful and calming cycling on the Avenue Verte, and I wanted to create the same feeling around the station.  I achieved this by designing a Reflexology Path that acts as a feet massaging surface that would benefit those using the Avenue Verte, providing a sense of relaxation.       © Olivia Cheung.  All designs are copyrighted to Olivia Cheung.

Wax Table
This project is based on the concept that intends to build a bond between the objects and the user so that it becomes something that is treasured, instead of becoming something that is easily replaced.  This is done through making the use of objects more visually apparent so that they may be appreciated more for what they do to make everyday life easier.  


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